2018 Smithsonian Journeys: French Polynesia

Additional Resources



Dening, G. 1986. Possesing Tahiti. Archaeology in Oceania 21:103-118.

An engaging description of Tahitian marae and an interpretation of their religious significance. We'll visit some of the sites Dening discusses. 


Rolett, B. 2002. Voyaging and Interaction in Ancient Polynesia. Asian Perspectives 41:182-194.

Polynesians were the greatest voyagers of the pre-industrial era. This is an overview of archaeological and other evidence for open-sea voyaging in French Polynesia.



Lost Continent of the Pacific. 2011. National Geographic Channel.

Filmed mostly in the Marquesas, and showcasing the spectacular tropical landscapes of French Polynesia, this movie focuses on Polynesian voyaging and the Polynesian cultural renaissance. Features archaeological research by Barry Rolett and colleagues in collaboration with the Marquesan community.